Concert Dates

Concert Dates

Gala concert – SUNDAY 8th July 2018

Gala Concerts!

Concert 1 - 10am INFANT ONLY CONCERT

Pupils arrive 9am
Infant Ukuleles, Recorders, Violins, pBuzz, Choirs

Concert 2 Midday

Intermediate String Orchestra, Trafford Youth Chorus, SMC Drum and Guitar Ensembles, SMC Orchestra, Intermediate Wind Band, Junior Wind Band, Youth String Orchestra

Concert 3 - 2pm

Recorder Ensemble, Ukulele Orchestra, Trafford Youth Choir, Flute Collective, Jazz Collective, Philharmonic Orchestra

Concert 4 4pm

Beginner Brass Band, Senior Youth Choir, Junior String Orchestra, Guitar Ensembles, Concert Band, Sinfonia Orchestra

Concert tickets can be purchased on

Concert tickets will not be available to purchase from the Music Service office.