General Concert Information – RNCM

Concert Dress

Jazz Collective – Concert Band – Philharmonic   

Black shirt which is suitable for ties

Black trousers/skirt

Black shoes – no trainers

Concert Dress – All other ensembles 

White shirt which is suitable for ties

Black trousers/skirt

Black shoes – no trainers

Trafford Music Service Ties

All pupils will be provided with a music service tie in the correct colour for their ensemble on the day.  The ties are clip-on – help will be given to younger pupils.  Please return the ties to the music service at the end of the concert.

Parents and Children – Drop Off and Collection Points

Your child will be met and directed to the correct waiting area by Trafford Music staff.  The drop off area and collection area is in front of steps of the main Concert Hall (just by the cafe).  As this area gets congested quickly, we suggest that only ONE parent comes to collect their child and moves quickly away from the area.  You will appreciate, people congregating in this area slows down our procedures.  Parents are not allowed backstage, but please enjoy the on-site cafe.

Cafe area

The RNCM has a large cafe area where parents can sit and wait and is located within eyesight of our collection and drop off area.  There’s a wide range of drinks, snacks and cakes.

What to bring

Apart from concert dress and instrument, please remember any necessary music and accessories such as mutes.  If your child is in more than one concert on the day,  you can pack a drink and a small snack.  We will sign-in/out each child for each concert.  If your child is performing in consecutive concerts and you would like your child to stay in our safe-keeping please let us know when you drop your child off otherwise we’ll assume you’ll collect your child after the performance.   If your child is in our safe-keeping, you are welcome to pack non-valuable, named items, such as colouring books, comics.  But note, that we can not be responsible for these items.

Location, parking, transport and more 

RNCM, 124 Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9RD

For information please visit the RNCM’s page Getting to RNCM

Box Office & Tickets 

Concert tickets are available from the RNCM’s Box Office where you can book in person or phone 0161 907 5555

Above all – have fun! 

We appreciate all that you have done to encourage your child to be musical.  So enjoy the concert – bring family and friends and celebrate your child being amazing.