Instrument Hire & Purchase

Instrument Hire & Purchase

Instrument Hire Scheme

Trafford Music Service instrumental hire scheme provides musical instruments at an affordable price for children who are having lessons with us, play their instrument in one of our ensembles or in their school ensemble.

Instruments available through our scheme include:

    Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon, Baritone, Tenor Horn, French Horn, Trumpet, Euphonium, Cornet and Trombone.

£26 per instrument, per term.

If you are interested in hiring an instrument from us - please phone our office 0161 911 8659 or email so we can find out exactly what instrument you require and what size. We will then process the forms, look out your instrument and get it expertly checked over and have it ready for you for when you arrive. You may find it useful to know that you can pick up a hire instrument on Saturday before 12 noon. Again please contact us beforehand so that we can organise everything before you arrive.

Pupils will need their own instrument for lessons, however it is understandably a big commitment especially in the early stages of a child’s learning. As a result Trafford Music Service can provide instrument hire for most instruments*, this is charged termly in advance. The advantage of this is should your child ever need a larger instrument for example for string instruments or should you decide to purchase your own simply contact our office and instruments can be upgraded to the next size (please give us notice) or returned at the end of a term.

To hire an instrument simply email
*Exceptions are piano, keyboard, large specialist e.g. tuba, low cost instruments such as ukulele, recorder.

If you are a child who attends a school in Trafford and attend lessons with Trafford Music Service, you are automatically eligible for the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme. Because Trafford Music Service is part of the Greater Manchester Music Hub we benefit from buying equipment and instruments in large quantities. We can pass on savings to you in the form of cheaper prices and through paying no VAT.p>

If your child attends a Trafford school or plays in one of Trafford Music Service ensembles you may be eligible to purchase an instrument for your child through Trafford Music Service. This is a national scheme known as Assisted Purchase. Trafford Music Service is part of the Greater Manchester Music Hub and we therefore hold large purchasing contracts with instrument suppliers meaning that we can often get better prices on instruments. These purchases will not incur VAT, but we do add a 5% charge (or £5 whichever is greater) to cover the administration time associated with the purchase.

You select the instrument that you want to purchase and contact Trafford Music Service with the make and model of the instrument. We will tell you how much we can purchase the instrument for and if that is suitable will take payment from you and place the order. You will then pick up the instrument from our Music Service office once it has arrived.
You can begin the process by contacting the Music Centre office on 0161 911 8689 or email