Lessons at School

Lessons in School

Trafford Music Service delivers group and individual lessons in many primary and secondary schools.

We offer specialist tuition on a full range of instruments including:

  • Brass (trumpet, cornet, trombone, French horn, tenor horn, tuba, euphonium)
  • Woodwind (flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, recorder, ocarina, fife, toot)
  • Upper Strings (violin/viola) and Lower Strings (cello/double bass)
  • Tuned Percussion and Drum Kit
  • Voice
  • Guitar (including electric, acoustic and bass guitar, ukulele)
  • Keyboard and piano

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What’s on offer in my school?

We deliver instrument lessons in 58 of Trafford Council's Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as the Claremont Centre in Sale.

We are constantly developing and furthering our provision through discussion with schools and instrumental demonstrations. If you are interested in lessons and we do not teach that instrument in your child’s school, please send an application form with your preference. We will contact you with further information of what is available or offer alternatives within the school or at our Music Centre in Sale. If we know there’s interest it may be that your request encourages a new group of instrumentalists to start in your child’s school.

When/where do lessons take place?


Primary schools

Lessons will take place on a time agreed with the school within the school day – this may mean your child has to miss part of a class lesson or break times. After the initial set up of the lesson tutors organise their timetables and groupings to suit abilities of children and in liaison with the school. Where possible we try to organise lessons with rotating timings so it does not affect the same lesson. When lessons are during lunch times we work with the school to ensure pupils have plenty of time to eat. If there are only a small number of pupils in the school, or if the school have specified set times, lessons will not be able to rotate. This is something to consider if you would prefer lessons at our after school Music Centre in Sale.

Currently we teach in a small number of schools which have lessons after school. Parents are always notified of precise timings and these are unlikely to be changed

Tutors often collect pupils themselves for lessons in primaries or send another pupil to collect them – especially in the event of group lessons where they may be in different classes.

Secondary schools

The exact timings for the first lesson for beginners will be sent directly by email with your start date. Following this tutors arrange rotating timetables based on times that are approved by the schools (usually fortnightly). These are often displayed on a music department notice board. Pupils should check for these being updated regularly.

Instrument hire / purchase



Pupils will need their own instrument for lessons, however it is understandably a big commitment especially in the early stages of a child’s learning. As a result Trafford Music Service can provide instrument hire for most instruments* this is charged termly in advance.

To hire an instrument simply select the option on your lesson application form or complete a separate instrument hire form

*Exceptions for hire are piano, keyboard, tuba, tenor saxophone or low cost instruments such as ukulele, recorder, toot, and ocarina.

Purchasing an instrument

If you are a child who attends a school in Trafford and attend lessons with Trafford Music Service, you are automatically eligible for the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme. Because Trafford Music Service is part of the Greater Manchester Music Hub we benefit from buying equipment and instruments in large quantities. We can pass on savings to you in the form of cheaper prices and through paying no VAT. Please note there will be a 2.5% administrative charge for this purpose.


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 Lesson Type Price (prices from September 2017)
Individual lesson (30 min) £17.50
Individual lesson (20 Min) £13.00
Paired Lesson (20 Min) £8.00
Paired lesson (30 min) £9.50
Group Lesson £7.00
Ukulele/Recorder Group Lesson £6.00
Instrument Hire £26.00

How do I apply / what next?

Complete an online application form. Once we have received this your application is placed on our waiting list and we will be able to inform you of availability on your child’s choice of instrument in their school.

It is our aim to get lessons started for your child as soon as possible. However, there may be a delay to lessons being set up as our ability to set up lessons is dependent on a number of factors: tutor availability, school space / time (that then needs to match with tutor availability), group lesson applicants all still wishing to start lessons. As soon as all these match we will get you lessons up and running.

Group lessons are dependent on having five applications in of a similar type – we may get in touch if you have a second choice that forms a group or if we think we may be able to offer you a group lesson sooner at our Music Centre in Sale.

  1. We will contact you by e-mail with a start date for the lessons and shortly after you will be invoiced by e-mail for your first term of lessons.
  2. Payment must be made in advance of the lessons starting. We do not give our tutors complete information and confirmation that lessons can go ahead until payment has been made.
  3. Collect your instrument (where applicable) your child can then attend their first lesson.

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