School Singing Clubs and Choirs

As part of our provision in schools, we offer the children in Trafford the opportunity to be involved in school singing clubs. Part of the government’s plan for music education entitled ‘The Importance of Music’  states that schools must ensure that children have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and are involved with choirs and singing on a regular basis. Our singing clubs meet this requirement.

A qualified and experienced member of the Trafford Music Service staff can come into your school and help set up and actually deliver the club. They can also help with the delivery of an assembly demonstration to help increase interest in a particular school, making the clubs more viable.

The content of the singing clubs can be tailored to fit the age and level of the children attending, and the material covered can vary from singing games to full choral pieces. Singing clubs work towards concerts inside and outside of school, of which Trafford Music Service can again help arrange and deliver. Also children who are enthusiastic to being in singing groups can move onto our Borough Youth Choirs in Trafford and in Altrincham. These in turn lead onto the Greater Manchester Halle Choirs  and the Greater Manchester Hub Youth Choir (4 weekends per year).

Examples of singing clubs currently running are:

  • Flixton Primary
  • Altrincham CE Primary School
  • Templemoor Infant School

Pricing and details


£3 per child per session
30 minutes for lunchtime sessions
45 minutes after school sessions

At least 10 weeks per term (£30 per term minimum)
The 10 week course ends with a school concert (with possibilities for external performances too).

Parents may apply for a new singing club in their school by filling out the application form below. We would then follow this up by liaising with the school and arranging a demo to see if the club would be viable. The following criteria need to be met for all clubs and choirs:

  • A time and space in the school that is dedicated to the club/choir every week
  • A member of the school staff needs to be present in the school at the time of the club/choir
  • The minimum number of 10 children is required to make the club/choir viable
  • Termly payments need to be received by Trafford Music Service before the club commences.

Join a Singing Club at your school now!

To create a new club in your school or to get more information then please contact the music service on:

tel: 0161 911 8689 or 0161 911 8659