Trafford Schools Term Dates

Trafford Schools Term Dates

These are the official Trafford Council school term dates. To see our teaching dates for the Claremont Centre, including Ensembles and Infant sessions, please click here….




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Lessons in schools are delivered during these dates.

(Please note your individual school holidays may vary to these due to the school calendar being 39 weeks even with differences 33 lessons can be delivered)

Term Dates Open (Including) Last Teaching day (Including)
Autumn 1 Monday 4th September* Friday 20th October
Autumn 2 Monday 30th October Friday 22nd December
Spring 1 Tuesday 2nd January Friday 9th February
Spring 2 Monday 19th February Wednesday 28th March
Summer 1 Monday 16th April Friday 25th May
Summer 2 Tuesday 5th June Friday 20st July
  • Bank holiday: Monday 7th May.